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Acupuncture & Shamanic Healing


My name is Marika and I am an Acupuncturist, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Doula and Mama. In this space I hope to help remind you of your deep connection to all things and how sacred and beautiful you truly are. In remembering your divine nature, peace and healing are found and the body, mind and spirit are reunited. It is an honour to work with my needles, feathers, songs, hands, heart and great spirit to support your healing and reconnection to all that is.

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Acupuncture in Pregnancy: Effectiveness Gaps in conventional Pregnancy Care

Introduction: Pregnancy is a special and unique time in any woman’s life that can be full of ups and downs both personally and physically and is often marked with advice, opinions, stories and studies that can leave a woman confused and overwhelmed. The physical...

Acupuncture for Birth: Pre-birth vs induction

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is said that there are three factors that are needed to start labour; a) activity (yang) Replace growth (yin) b) qi must move freely and move blood c) the uterus must open. I would add a fouth, the baby’s spirit must be ready. After...

Flower Essences: Nature’s vibrational Medicine

I love Flower Essences! They are one of my favourite tools for creating mental, emotional and spiritual transformation and connecting in with the seasons and cycles of nature. You can purchase many different essences online and in health food stores but they are so...

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