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My name is Marika and I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Doula and Educator. I work with women and men in learning about their bodies, minds and emotions and connecting to their authentic nature through education, meditation, dance, shamanic healing, nature-based practices and each individual’s soul medicine. In each healing, workshop and birth, I draw on the ancient wisdom of Shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the unique experience of my clients to weave together a deep understanding and transformative healing creating whole, open and vibrant individuals, families and communities.

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Walking with Death: A Reflection on death, dying and grief

“Sorrow is part of the earth’s great cycles, flowing into the night like co0l air sinking down a river course. To feel sorry is to float on the pulse of the heart, the surge from living to dying, from coming to being to ceasing to exist. Maybe this is why the earth...
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An Ode to the Father of my Dreams and the one of my Flesh

It's funny how the memories we have of someone don't aways match up to real life or at least not the way other people see life or themselves or each other. After my father passed, I began looking through old photos of him, to remember and feel I still had a piece of...
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Imbolc Blessings: When water gives rise to wood

Greetings and a Blessed Imbolc to all! Today more commonly known as Groundhog's day, is the ancient Celtic Quarter Cross Day, also sometimes referred to as Brigit's Day. The midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, this day was and still is celebrated...
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“Marika lives and breathes her practice. Her ceremonies embody her vision of our world – a place where love, insight and truth become experience. She brings her kind heart and warm nature to every interaction. The ceremonies Marika performs are rich with depth and introspection. Shared events foster community and kinship; social aspects that many of our lives are in dire need of. For an encounter as personal as individualised healing, I trust Marika implicitly.”

Jordan Wald

Student of Chinese Medicine

“Marika’s hearings are conducted with compassion, understanding, and sensitivity. Her extensive knowledge of shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as her keen insight into women’s issues make her an important and smart healing aide. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Grace B.

Chef in Training

“Having a shamanic healing with Marika is not only a delight but also a sacred experience. She embodies presence, integrity and a high level of spirit and earth wisdom, creating a deeply transformative space for me each and every time. I leave feeling more grounded in my body and connected to my spirit, increasing my clarity and amplifying my passion in how the next steps of my life will unfold. I highly recommend working with this earth angel of light, laughter and love.”

Jenn Kosh

Holistic Life Coach and Love Map Astrologer, Love Matters

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