I am a Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Doula and Ritual Creatrix. I provide a grounded and heart-mind centred space to facilitate greater connection with spirit, creating acceptance and healing.

Growing up in the wilds of Alberta, from my first steps I have been deeply connected to nature and the magic that lays beyond the veils of civilization and have spent much of my life trying to deepen that connection and share it with others. From the forests I played in as a child to the wind swept cliffs of the West Coast of Canada to the Deserts of Rajasthan and the four corners in the US, to the Rocky Mountains and Jungles of Tanzania and South East Asia, My explorations into spirit and the universe began with nature and have been expanded by my explorations into Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Yoga, Paganism, Wicca and Shamanic traditions from Tanzania, Korea, the Amazon Basin, North America, Mexico and the UK.

My formal education has further helped me  to integrate these experiences and travels and bring an intellectual understanding to a sensory knowing. I hold a BA in Medical Anthropology from UBC, Certificates in Ayurvedic nutrition, panchakarma and yoga therapy from Santosha Puri Ashram and Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center in India. I am also a certified Holistic Doula Practitioner through Pacific Rim College and a Shamanic Practitioner through  The Power Path School of Shamanism. I am currently studying to be a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, in order, to further bring together all I have learned and be able to continue my journey of awareness, sharing the ancient wisdoms of this world and the others.

I am passionate about and dedicated to exploring the inner and outer worlds through birth, story, movement, shamanism, creating the sacred, astrology, travelling the world and learning and sharing with everyone and everything I meet. I wish to be apart of writing a new story for humanity and our relationships with ourselves, our bodies, our babies, each other, mother earth and the great unknown.

I invite you to enjoy my personal musings and educational blog and to contact me if you are interested in working with me in creating and connecting to the sacred, whether it be your own essence or creating a new life.

Many Blessings


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