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Dear Parents to be:

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Marika Hall and I am a Holistic Doula Practitioner. I grew up in Alberta supported by a close family and the great outdoors. My journey to becoming a doula has been a long and exciting one that has taken me all over the world learning from different cultures and many excellent educational institutions.
It all began with my love of biology and how the body works, especially the reproductive and endocrine systems and as I pursued more education I grew to better understand the way mind, body and spirit all contribute to our well-being. I graduated with a BA from UBC and then travelled the world becoming certified in Ayurvedic therapies, Clinical Yoga, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and lived amongst various peoples in Tanzania, India, Korea, South East Asia and Europe. One of the things that struck me most profoundly during my travels was the way in which communities cared for each other and how children were born and raised with a great extended family for support.
When I returned to Canada I wanted to share all I had learned from my travels and studies and last year I took the leap in focusing more on my passion for reproduction, hormones and community building. This led me to the amazing Holistic Doula Certificate program at Pacific Rim College where I spent four months fully immersed in Pregnancy, birth and the life of the newborn baby and parents. It was an extraordinary journey where I was supported by 14 incredible women and 11 excellent teachers. We studied the anatomy and physiology of conception, pregnancy, birth and post partum, nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga therapy, thai massage, marma therapy and tai qi to support mom, dad and baby. Since then I have worked with many families as well as single mothers, as they have began this amazing journey of growth.
As a Holistic Doula Practitioner, it is my honour to work closely with you throughout your pregnancy, birth and post partum period to go deeper, learning about your body, mind and spirit and connecting to your growing baby and family through education, nutrition, meditation, movement, love, understanding and your soul medicine. I believe birth is a truly magical and transformational event and I am dedicated to helping you find deep understanding and healing through the birth process creating a whole, nurturing and vibrant family!

Birth Blessings,


Services and Packages

What would it feel like if you had a sister by your side to set your mind at ease, remind you how strong you are, make sure you are getting the best nutrition, help ease the changes of your transforming body and honour the initiation that you are transitioning through. I would be honoured to support you and your growing family as you walk this path to parenthood.

I currently am only taking on Mother Blessing and Post Partum Clients, as I am studying full time to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine, in order to serve you better. 

Post Partum Services:

Imagine, if you will, a warm and cozy bedroom dimly lit with music playing in the background.  Mother and baby are cuddled up on the bed, lost in a bliss of their love for each other. All their needs are taken care of, delicious healing organic food is brought to mom as she needs it, the laundry and cleaning are done, the outer world is filtered out as mom wishes. They are held in this sanctuary of love and bonding, mom is healing and baby is growing stronger and they are building a relationship that will be like none other.

This sanctuary was common throughout the world and is still practiced in many cultures. I believe this is the greatest gift we can give to new families and I hope it will become common within our culture once again. In order to help bring this dream to reality, I would be honoured to help your family create this nourishing and supportive sanctuary.

Hourly Post Partum Support

  • Before the birth of your baby I will help you prepare a care plan for your post partum period, determining what you will need help with and who is able to help out.
  • After birth I will help create a space that is comfortable for mom and baby to relax into
  • I will cook nourishing organic meals, do light housekeeping duties, support breastfeeding and common post partum complaints with foods, herbs, homeopathics and encouragement.

Cost- $25/hr, 4 hrs minimum, 8 hrs maximum, overnight $200/night

Mother Roasting –

  • Mother roasting is the ancient art of helping a mother’s body, mind and spirit to heal, align and rejuvenate using different healing techniques from around the world.
  • I provide a safe, warm and sacred setting to allow a mother to acknowledge her new role and heal her body. Together we will customize a ritual including a soak in salts, oils and flowers, bodywork as needed, warming the core with moxa and heat packs, wrapping the body to bring the bones and tissues back to together. The whole ritual can be from 1-4 hrs and baby is brought in for nursing when needed. 
  • Mother roasting can begin within four days for vaginal births, six weeks for belly births. But ultimately is guided by when the mother is ready to acknowledge her birthing experience and allow her body to integrate back into a non-pregnant state.

Cost- $100-250 

Mother Roasting Package

  • four 2hr sessions spread out as you wish

Cost $350



Yoga therapy session 1 hr- $60

Thai Massage 2 hrs- $100

Ayurvedic Massage 1.5 hrs- $75

Extra Post Partum care- $25/hr (minimum 4 hrs)

Complete Mother Roasting session 2hrs- $100

Custom herbal remedies- $30-50 (based on herb costs and amount desired)

Homemade organic meal or baking- $20-100 (based on number of people and ingredients used)

Mother Blessing-

Becoming a mother is a rite of passage that is not honoured in our culture as it is in many others. It would be my honour to help you mark this profound point in your life. Through ritual, ceremony, honouring, blessings, fear releasing, dreaming and strengthening, together with your friends and family we will prepare you for this journey.

Each ceremony usually lasts 3-5 hrs and is structured around the medicine wheel, a powerful map and container to hold this experience. I will custom create the ceremony with you and/or your chosen friend/family member to best support you and honour your personal beliefs.

Cost- $100-250


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