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Birth Medicine

“If we are to realize peace and harmony in the world, the time has come for us to dedicate ourselves to the reawakening of motherhood”


Pregnancy, Birth and PostPartum Support

What would it feel like if you had a sister by your side to set your mind at ease, remind you how strong you are, make sure you are getting the best nutrition, help ease the changes of your transforming body and honour the initiation that you are transitioning through. I would be honoured to support you and your growing family as you walk this path to parenthood.

Birth Support

Birth is a truly transformative and sacred experience for all involved. As a birth doula and acupuncturist, It is an incredible honour to get to work with your family through your birthing period. I offer guidance and acupuncture in preparing for the birth that you want, physical, mental and emotional support throughout your labour and birth and three visits postpartum to make sure you and your baby are adjusting to life outside the womb.

I take on a limited number of clients a year. Contact me to set up your free meeting and see if we might work together.


Mother Roasting –

  • Mother roasting is the ancient art of helping a mother’s body, mind and spirit to heal, align and rejuvenate using different healing techniques from around the world. http://marikareidhall.com/wp/the-ancient-art-of-mother-roasting/
  • I provide a safe, warm and sacred setting to allow a mother to acknowledge her new role and heal her body. Together we will customize a ritual including a soak in salts, oils and flowers, bodywork as needed, warming the core with moxa and heat packs, wrapping the body to bring the bones and tissues back to together. The whole ritual can be from 1-4 hrs and baby is brought in for nursing when needed. 
  • Mother roasting can begin within four days for vaginal births, six weeks for belly births. But ultimately is guided by when the mother is ready to acknowledge her birthing experience and allow her body to integrate back into a non-pregnant state.

Cost- $100-250 

Mother Roasting Package

  • four 2hr sessions spread out as you wish

Cost $350

Contact me to set up a free phone consult



Acupuncture Treatment 1 hr- $90

Tui Na Massage 1 hr- $100

Custom herbal remedies- $30-50 (based on herb costs and amount desired)

Homemade organic meal or baking- $20-100 (based on number of people and ingredients used)

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