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Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic Healing

In Spirit we are all healed, whole and Perfect. Shamanic Healing helps us to remember this by clearing away the Hucha that blocks up our system and reconnecting us with our essence thus allowing our bodies, minds, hearts and souls to heal.

The Q’ero People of the Andes define Hucha as all low vibration energies (fear, pain, anger, sorrow, grief, trauma, jealousy,…). Our personalities/egos create this Hucha to teach us through experience about what a life without a connection to essence feels like. It is our job to release the Hucha and fill ourselves with Sami, all high vibrational energies (love, joy, divine light,…), remembering our divine essence.

As a Shamanic Practitioner it is my honour to facilitate this remembering with the help of great spirit and my allies. Helping to bring you back to centre, to your heart, to spirit and to your power.

Each Shamanic Healing includes working with feathers, stones, songs, rattles, drums and allies that show up for you.

What Does Shamanic Healing Treat:

  • Mental and Emotional issues: anxiety, depression, grief, anger, OCD,…..
  • Trauma: intergenerational and PTSD
  • Chronic Illness
  • Loss of Direction/Meaning
  • Past life healing
  • Ancestoral Healing
  • Soul retrieval
  • Meet your spirit guides
  • Reconnecting Body, mind and spirit

Distance and In Home:

30 mins: $60

1 Hr: $120

Free 15 min consult on the phone

House and Land Clearing

Every being that has ever visited a place leaves behind a little piece of its energy unless consciously called back or cleared away, similarly the events that occur in our homes and lands leave a remembrance, mixing together they create a space that we walk into feeling refreshed, soothed, agitated or fearful. Whenever we leave a space it is good to ask our energies to return to us and those that no longer serve to be transformed back into the pool of universal energy and whenever we move into a new space the transition is made much easier by clearing away the old and bringing in our new vibrations and dreams for the space.

A clearing calls upon great spirit, the guardians of a place, our spirit guides, angels and ancestors to help us clear away the energies held in a place and allow for a new program and vibration to be set.

$100 per hour

(An apartment or small house usually takes 1 hr, a large home usually takes 2 hrs, very large homes and land often take 3+ hrs)

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