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Sakrid Birth & Postpartum Package

“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.”

– Jon Kabat Zinn

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum are truly sacred experiences that take us beyond ourselves into the realms of spirit. If you believe this and are looking to not only be physically and emotionally supported in giving birth but to be honoured in this process as an initiate coming to the foot of spirit to be transformed by the power of birth than this package is for you.

Through my own experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum and witnessing other women walk this path I created this package to create space for the holy, sacred, messy, transformative initiation that is birth. We cross a threshold in birthing out children that allows for more growth and expansion than most things in life. Let’s prepare and honour this process completely!

It is truly an honour to be welcomed into this journey and one I do not take lightly. I do not only show up as a Doula, but as a healer, ceremonialist and mama. I bring all my tools to create ritual and ceremony, ease pains and fears, heal generational trauma and ideas and images of women’s body’s and their ability to birth. 

What you will get?

  • A free getting to know you initial meeting


  • Two Prenatal Visits- During these visits we will identify your needs, fears, and desires for your birth and parenthood. I will help you prepare a plan for your labour and birth, as well as your post partum period, determining what you will need help with and who you can call on for help. You will have access to my knowledge of holistic nutrition, Traditional Chinese medicine And herbal medicine, various comfort measures and deep focusing techniques including massage, homeopathics, flower essences, drumming, meditation,  movement and ceremony. Each session is typically 3 hrs. 
    • Four cervical ripening acupuncture and shamanic healing sessions – beginning at 36 weeks you’ll receive an one hr session with me in my clinic or in your home to help prepare your body for labour, increase oxytocin receptors, open the cervix, strengthen the body, shorten labour and speed healing while removing any energetic blocks, ancestral or past life trauma and preparing your mind, body and spirit for birth. 1hr each


  • Unlimited phone and email support between 8am and 8pm to ask all your questions and check in after midwife and doctors visits.


  • Labour and Birth-  I will be on-call for you two weeks before your due date to two weeks after. When you go into labour and feel you need my support I will come to your house or meet you at the hospital or birth center and I will create a calm and sacred space for you to transform into a family, all the while making sure you are comfortable, fed, well hydrated and prepared to welcome your new baby.


  • Use of my birth pool and tens machine.


  • Three Post Partum Visits- During these visits I will help to honour the intimate space between you and your family and allow you to process your birth experience. I will help you to heal and regain your strength with nourishing life giving foods, allowing you time to rest and shower and bond with your baby. I will also set up and organize a meal train. Each meeting is 2-3 hrs


    • Three mother roasting sessions- in your first week or week six ( for cesarean births), Each session is an hour and includes acupuncture, moxabustion, massage and lifestyle advice. This is a traditional technique performed by many cultures to help speed healing, replenish blood, yin and qi and warm the body. In Classical Chinese Medicine it is believed that with proper care during the postpartum period we can heal chronic illnesses and dis-ease and ease our way through menopause. 1hr each


      • A closing the bones ceremony, Birth opens us up physically and energetically, between six weeks and three months from your birth we will create a ceremony for you to help honour your birthing experience, help your body find its new normal and close your energy field so you can step into your new role as mother. Involves prayers, a herb bath, massage, belly binding. 2-3hrs

Total- $2500


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