Ceremony Medicine

Ceremony Medicine

Ritual and Ceremony have been used by humans since the beginning of our species. They help us to mark the passage of time, honour the sacred aspects of life, reflect upon our experiences and dream a new world into being. In this great time of change and rapid evolution, ritual and ceremony can help us to honour what we have created in our lives, give thanks for the lessons, let go of what no longer serves and create a new dream. I personally use ritual and ceremony to give thanks, mark the turning of the seasons, let go of what no longer serves, integrate all aspects of myself and dream my world into being at new and full moons, powerful astrological events, transitions in life and the seasons. Each time I sit down to prepare a ritual/ceremony it gives me the opportunity to reflect upon where my life is at and where I have come since the last time I sat and connected with the divine within. Through this time sitting with myself I see patterns and habits that served me at one point and recognize I am ready to move on and through holding these lessons in gratitude I am able to accept them and transform them into a new level of being.

Each ritual/ceremony I create blends together shamanic, pagan, buddhist, yogic and other cultural practices that I have learned through my travels and studies. Astrological, universal, historical and cultural energies and beliefs will inspire each ritual/ceremony and help us to move through what we are being called to move through at the moment. Each ritual/ceremony begins with a grounding and centring, a calling in of the directions, our support team and spirits and will be composed of a mix of writing prompts, guided visualizations, drum journeys, movement, song and inspiration to help us all reflect, give thanks, let go, dream and transform.

Contact me to co-create your own ceremony or ritual, 587-581-5081

Earth Medicine Circle

On the first Sunday of the Month come and gather together to give thanks, express our grief and blessings, hopes and fears, pray in community and work with the energies each month is bring to our attention. Using sharing circles, guided meditations, drum journeys, qi gong, dance, shamanic and Traditional Chinese Medical tools we will find ways to support ourselves, our families, and our communities through these changing time.

Where: Victoria Community Acupuncture 1016 Fort St. (If whether permits we will venture outside)

When: 6:30-8pm (As this is a living ritual please arrive a little early to gather in and settle your bones)

How much: $15-25 (No one will be turned away for lack of funds, please contact me about trades, other arrangements)

What to bring: Your prayers, intentions, dreams and worries, comfy clothes for meditation and movement, Warm Layers, a pillow to sit on, a journal and pen

Who can come: Anyone who feels called to live more deeply, share in community, make change in the world, learn about Shamanism, Astrology and Chinese Medicine

Upcoming Workshops:

Five Element Wisdom

Feb 19th- Water to Wood: Where the sun rises in the East

May 21st- Wood to Fire: Where we live in the full bloom in the South

Aug 20th- Fire to Earth: Where we give thanks for all in the Center

Oct 15th- Earth to Metal: Where we let go to grow in the West

Dec 17th- Metal to Water: Where our power lies to the North

Victoria Community Acupuncture 1016 Fort St.

6:30 to 8pm


Past Ceremonies:

Earth Ceremony: Journey into the depths of the Earth Element

Sept. 10th, 2016 1 to 6pm

East Sooke Park


Sacred Spring: Resurrecting the divine within

Mar. 22nd, 2016 6-9pm

In a sacred location in the rainforest outside Victoria, BC.


Imbolc: Honouring the Wisdom of winter to nourish the seeds of spring

Feb. 2, 2016 7-10pm

Private Residence, Victoria, BC


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