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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Benjamin Franklin



Hello Valued Patients,

I know these can be scary times but I believe that with the proper planning and preparation and the aid of acupuncture, diet and shamanic healing to boost our immune systems and reduce our stress and fear we will come out alright. 

These precautions are hopefully just interim and we will be able to go back to a slightly more relaxed new normal in the future. In the mean time please read these protocols and let me know if you have any questions.


Before your appointment:

  • You MUST use the self assessment tool prior to arriving for every appointment.
  •     You MUST have filled out the COVID 19 pre-screening form. 
  •   You MUST wear a mask through the duration of your treatment. Please bring your own mask (reusable cloth, or paper), or you will be asked to wear a paper mask that we will provide. 
  •        You MUST wait in your car until 5 minutes before your appointment. We will meet you at the front door no earlier.
  •    You MUST sanitize your hands with an alcohol disinfectant upon entrance to the facilities and put on your mask.

What I’ve done before you have arrived:

  •  I have let the air space settle for 10 minutes prior to spraying with disinfectant.
  •  I have sprayed down the floor, room and all of its contents with an alcohol disinfectant to let sit for the additional 20 minutes between appointments. 
  •   I will be wearing a reusable mask and will change it between treatments.
  •  I will have done their own self assessment, and will be continuously monitoring themselves daily.

Beginning your appointment:

  •  You MUST fill out and AGREE to the new consent to treat form in person prior to treatment beginning.
  • We will be taking no-contact payment via paypal or e-transfer before beginning the treatment.  
  • Direct billing will be done before you arrive.
  •  You will be asked to put your personal items in a small non-porous basket (ie, clothing, purse, shoes etc.) that will be sanitized between treatments.

During treatment: 

  •  I will NOT be using gloves during the treatment
  •   I will be wearing a fresh mask during your treatment
  •  You will offer you the option into a covered space instead of your mask when you are facedown. 
  • You MUST wear your mask while you are faceup during the treatment.
  •   If you feel the urge to sneeze or cough PLEASE me know so they can get to a safe location. 

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