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It is a very ancient practice of Shamans around the world to dream their world into being. They worked for the whole community to create a healthy, balanced and spirit filled existence. The modern practice of shamanism could be looked at as learning the ability to connect with energy, absorb it into your body and utilize it to create your dream. The creating of our dreams is the tricky part, or it is for me, as we all have so much imprinting from past lives, our family and culture. I have just embarked on a one year shamanic training program with my amazing teachers and we have begun in the east, the place of new beginnings, where the void of the predawn provides us with insights and inspiration from the place of infinite possibilities. Distinguishing what is our inspiration and that of another’s is where I am spending my time at the moment filtering through the void, the programs and filters deep into my core to the essence of my spirit and my purpose. One of the most powerful insights I gained during my week of training was how much my personal need for freedom had dictated my life to this point as I was never taught how to express my need for freedom while maintaining a healthy life. This has lead to numerous relationships abandoned due to a sudden feeling of being controlled or giving up my personal interests to a partner, as I have lived in more houses, cities and countries than most my age constantly seeking this freedom. Yet all along I have been the one blocking my own freedom through the grenades and patterns my parasite (ego) throws at me to keep me in check and it well fed and alive. I am so grateful for this realization and look forward to experimenting with new ways of expressing myself and my need for freedom while dreaming my world into being.

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