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Marika Reid Hall BA HDP RAc



Ever since I was a child growing up in the wilds of Alberta, I have been fascinated with how the world works and what lies beneath the surface of what we see, hear, feel and smell, what is the spark, the magic behind life. This curiousity has led me to explore this world and the ones beyond through travel, spiritual practices and teachings, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies and study.

I have been blessed to have travelled to my ancestral lands of Scotland and England, as well as lived and experienced the rich, diverse and uniquely beautiful cultures of Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, South Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Tanzania and India. Throughout these travels I have learned different ways of seeing and understanding the world and its magic from the land, it’s peoples, their cultures and languages and many spiritual teachings including Christianity, Hinduism, yoga, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Wicca, and Shamanism.

In order to further understand our bodies and the way the world works, I have sought out formal studies in Western Medical Sciences, Anthropology, Teaching, Birth work, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic practice and healing, Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda and Clinical Yoga.

I offer my deepest gratitude to all of those people, places and experiences that have brought me to where I am today, helping me to heal, understand, grow and reinforcing the deep knowing that we are all spirit. I would like to offer special thanks to my Ancestors who through immense resilience and will continued to survive and grow till this point, my partner and daughters who on the daily help me stretch and grow, my many Teachers especially Lena, Jose and Anna Stevens, Lorie Eve Dechar, Dr. Reuven Freesman, Dr Jing Zhang , Ted van Hemert, Dr Vinay Kamat, Peter Conway and Malcom Clark, The teachings of the wisdom ways of the Huichol, Shipibo, Qero and Daoists who have enriched my life and helped me to tap into a deeper wisdom that my ancestors had long forgotten, and above all else Mother Earth, Great Spirit and my inner Spirit.

It is my deep belief that we are indeed all connected and each hold a piece of spirit within ourselves that is meant to light up this world. We have been put on this world to remember this truth of who we are and it is with great reverence that I offer you my unique blend of medicine to help you move through the ups and downs of life to find their lesson and weave them into your own unique tapestry to shine upon the world.

When not in Clinic, with my family or in nature you will find me at Pacific Rim College, where I am the Assistant Dean and one of the instructors in the Holistic Doula Program.


Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology                             UBC, 2008

Certificate in Ayurveda                                               Chakrapani Ayurveda, 2009

Holistic Doula Certificate                                           Pacific Rim College, 2013

One year Shamanic Apprenticeship                         The Power Path 2014

Shamanic Practitioner Training                                The Power Path 2014

Diploma in Acupuncture, Magna Cum Laude        Pacific Rim College, 2018


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