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Birth Medicine

“If we are to realize peace and harmony in the world, the time has come for us to dedicate ourselves to the reawakening of motherhood”


Are you looking to call in a spirit to help guide through this life?

Are you pregnant and looking for ways to honour and care for yourself and your growing baby through this experience? 

Are you a new mom who is overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling lost in this new role?

Calling in a new life is one of the most intense, exhausting, gratifying, humbling and beautiful things we can do. Each cell of our body carries the knowledge of life and the wisdom of all of our ancestors who birthed before us, but sometimes it can be hard to tap into this wisdom and trust in our own bodies. I am here to support you in finding your inner wisdom and path on this journey from conception to pregnancy, birth to new motherhood. 


  I will offer you my guidance and wisdom, rituals of honouring, initation and transformation, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, energy work and acupuncture to support you on this journey from conception to parenthood.

We will prepare your body, mind and spirit to welcome in this spirit and have the healthiest pregnancy.

Together we will navigate what comes up for you on all levels of your pregnancy.

We will work together to plan for the birth that you want and prepare for the birth that you and your baby need.

and we will make sure you are deeply supported, nourished and held through the tender time of postpartum.


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