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Remote Wellness Sessions

Are you feeling anxious, scared or disconnected?

Have you experienced a Life Change you are still adjusting to?

Do your body and mind seem to be out of harmony?

Are you not sure what to do next?

If you answered yes to any of these then a Remote Wellness Session may be right for you.

I designed them especially for those who are looking for a more in-depth health and wellness experience where their whole self is involved; mind, body, heart and soul.

Combining the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Practice, Western Anatomy and Physiology and lots of heart, Remote Wellness sessions are my offering to serve you wherever you find yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

What do you get in a session?

  • a chance to speak and be heard
  • A full Energetic assessment
  • a remote healing using my shamanic and chinese energy medicine tools
  • Treatment Plan including
    • acupressure or ear seed prescription
    • dietary and lifestyle advice
    • Herbal and Supplement recommendations
    • movement and exercises to clear blockages, move qi and maintain harmony

What can be treated in a session?

  • mental and emotional imbalance: anxiety, fear, depression, grief, worry, stree
  • imbalances in the body: digestive, respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular, nervous system, pain, reproductive
  • Trauma: recent, past, ancestoral and past life


  • Each session is one hr
  • They are conducted over a secure video chat
  • Payment via paypal or e-transfer before session

1 session- $120

Package of 4- $400

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