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Postpartum Nourishment

You have under gone the greatest marathon of body, mind and spirit and now you find yourself alone with a new human to care for and you are in need of some Postpartum support

Birth cracks us open and those first days, weeks and months after may be filled with ecstacy and love like youve never imagined, anxiety, nightmares and depression, a sore tired body, leaking boobs, the cries, snorts and wakeful watching of this new life you have brought into the world.

The postpartum period is not like anything else and deserves far more consideration than our culture tends to give it. Historically, all cultures nurture, warmed, nourished and supported the new parents and baby for at least a month postpartum, sometimes much longer.

It is one of my deepest loves to provide this postpartum support and love to birthing families.

Below you will find my many offerings for you and your loved ones through their postpartum period.

Mother Roasting

Mother roasting is the ancient art of helping a mother’s body, mind and spirit to heal, align and rejuvenate using different healing techniques from around the world. Read more here.

What it includes:

  • Full debrief of birth and current feelings and condition of mother and babe
  • Warming of the womb space using moxabustion
  • Acupuncture based on constitution and needs
  • Guided visualization to support healing and journey into motherhood

Mother roasting can begin within four days of giving birth. Each session can be 1 to 1.5 hours and is usually offered three to four times in your home.

1 hr session $125

1.5 hr session $175

Four 1 hr Sessions $400

Four 1.5 hr Sessions $600

Closing The Bones

An ancient practice occuring in many cultures, the ceremony I offer is a blend of my own Shamanic and Chinese Medicine Training with the tradition Mexican ceremony taught to me by Naoli Vinaver.

The purpose of this ceremony is to honour and acknowledge the transformative and laborious work of birth, the incredible opening of the mother’s body, mind and soul bringing them back into this reality while cleansing and purifying anything from the pregnancy and labour.


What it includes:

  • Debriefing and processing of the birth
  • Calling in the ancestors and guides for support
  • full body massage to relax and nourish
  • purifying herbal steam bath to release and purge anything from pregnancy and birth
  • cave sweat, to continue releasing and connect with inner wisdom (drum journey optional)
  • closing of the bones using scarves to help bring the mind, body and spirit together in this realm

3 hr Ceremony


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