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Our last day in Olonzac has arrived, the cyclists are off, my bags are mostly packed and Karen and I are relaxing by the pool soaking up the hot sun and cool salt water. It has been one of those time warp trips where it has flown by and yet I can barely remember last week. We were all reflecting on how we really lucked out with two amazing groups of people. On our last night with the cycling group, one of the women asked us all to share what we would be taking from this week and each person has really heartfelt shares of what they had gained from this experience; food tips and tricks, wine wisdom, how a group of strangers can be so enriching and not as frightening as we thought and amazement at the power of our bodies. It reminded me of ceremony and how what each person learned and gained is always learened and gained by all.

I, myself was really amazed by my bod’s ability to meet the challenged of cycling in this hilly windy place. I cycled close to 200km with at least 1500m in elevation gained over four days and every bit of it was incredible and demanding. It was truly an accomlishment and hopefully excellent traingin for the Canimo.

I once again am feeling super blessed to have been able to come here with my amazing boss Gail from the Cookbook Co, Chef judy Wood from Meez and Karen Ralph from Metrovino. It was hard work serving, cleaning, cooking and caring for the needs of two groups of strangres, but it was so worth it!! Never didi I feel  like a servant and I always was an equal participant in meals, wine, conversation and tours. I am ready for it to be over, but I would love to do something like this again. Perhaps a cooking gig on a barge on the canal du midi or living on a vineyard and learning more about making delicious wine?

Tomorrow I meet Julie and we head to St Jean Pied de Port to begin our Camino journey.

Sending you all love, light and the spirit of the South of France.

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