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Healing the Divide: From Complacency to Embodied Action

Healing the Divide: From Complacency to Embodied Action

I am a firm believer that re-establishing the connection between spirit and our conscious, unconscious and bodies is the greatest work we can do and with these truly incredible times we are living in where we are being asked to rewrite the story of humanity centered on our connection with spirit. As I have mentioned in previous posts in Shamanism we believe that we are constantly dreaming our worlds into being. This is an incredibly empowering and scary concept that has truly been seen in our covid lockdown. How quickly have we changed our lives for something we can’t even see. Collectively we believe that it is worthwhile to protect the lives of those most vulnerable and have been willing to transform our lives for it. Now that this has been proven others are demanding this same respect and protection for black, indigenous and other people of colour. Are we willing to transform our lives even further and instead of governments telling us what to do, can we the people transform our governments ( who after all are supposed to be in place to support the collective voice of the people)

As an empathic, white, straight, cis-gendered, able-bodied, educated, middle class Canadian woman who practices indigenous healing, I am deeply aware and grateful for the immense privilege I have in this life time. Not all of my life times have been like this, I have been slave and slave master, warrior and witch. The list goes on how long I don’t know some privileged and very brutal. In watching the Black lives matter movement roll out in front of me, I have deeply felt all the emotions rolling around in the world, the rage, grief, anger, sadness, powerlessness, despair, hope, fear, frustration,… dragged up from the depths of my own ancestoral lineage and my past lives that my spirit and bones still remember. I have had the privilege to be brought to my knees by them and am blessed with the time and space and knowledge of how to process them.


My beliefs have all been challenged this week and no doubt yours have been too. It has been hard to witness my complacency and apathy in the systems that keep this world separated and segregated. Acknowledging that I am indeed apart of this collective dream. I can see the very real consequences of having the structures of our reality built on the backs of others and the degradation and exploitation of the earth and its people. The thought of dismantling it all seems so momentous and the huge changes that need to happen are rattling to the nervous system.

But one truth I do know and feel at this time is that we are triggered when there is something that needs to be cleared and right now we are all being given the chance to do some incredible healing work. We each carry in our bodies and DNA the stories and traumas of our ancestors as well as of our past lives and these get passed down to each generation creating our realities. In order to make true change we must address our own traumas and the traumas of the world. Just as our DNA is marked by these stories, so are the systems we live under. The rules that govern us were created out of slavery, rape, pillaging, war, fear, hate but also out of love, inspiration, creativity and hope. We as a species have come through so much and together can create a new way forward.

I would like to begin by acknowledging all the voices that have been raised to share their stories and stand up against a system that does not see or treat everyone as equals. It takes immense courage and a real ability to step beyond the traumatized places within us to create change. It is truly the first step in healing.

So I have been asking myself how can I help dream a new world into being both in spiritual practice and lived action. A world that recognizes each person’s sovereignty, unique wounding and perspective, while remembering we are spiritual beings having a human experience that we have chosen.

I begin at home by educating myself and having the uncomfortable discussions with my friends and family.

I continue to learn about and work at transforming the trauma that I carry and my friends, family and patients carry.

I am working on practicing Deep listening and honouring each humans unique experience, while remembering that they are spirit and perfect, whole and complete.

I will be offering special sliding scale sessions for those who do not have the financial means but wish to do the powerful work of transforming trauma.

I will donate 5% of my revenues to regenerative projects that are actively working to create resilient, flourishing and equitable systems that respond to the needs of society while respecting the integrity of nature.


I offer my humble gratitude to all the voices that have been raised to share their stories and stand up against a system that does not see or treat everyone as equals. It takes immense courage and a real ability to step beyond the traumatized places within us to create change. If your are interested in doing this work here are some of the people I have found most helpful and transformative:

Resmaa Menakam

Rachel Rickett’s Spiritual activism course

Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD Being an antiracist practitioner

Jose Stevens PhD, Slavery, A closer Look

The Ritual as justice School

Light Watkins

D’orjay The Singing Shaman

Janaya Future Khan

Tracy Stanlee

Through all of this be gentle with yourself. Our egos love a good opportunity to make us feel guilt, shame and fear. They are our biggest slave owner and doing the work to recognize this and transform it is crucial to being able to make meaningful action in the world.

So much love to you all




Body wisdom, movement and meditation

One of my main intentions in walking the camino was to get to know my body better. I have a tendency to spend a lot of time in my head and as a healer recently reminded me my body suffers for it. I find the realms of dreams and the astral plane more comfortable as in these places my spirit doesnt have to deal with the realities of being on earth and having a body. But I came here for a reason, to be in this body and live this life as Marika Hall. Well, everyday it becomes more clear that walking for 900km from Southern France to the Northwest coast of Spain is definitely a good way to get to know my body and the body of others better. As you might imagine the roads and trails are typically gravel or rocky or have speed loving Spaniards flying along them, requiring great attention in walking! As well carrying a pack of 10kg and walking 20+km day after day creates constantly changing aches and pains in my body which keep me focused on it.

This way is certainly not for the light of heart or those without will or motivation and yet everyday I find the stereotypes I have learned from media and even courses in human health broken down. There is not one body type or feature that makes up the camino nor does it seem that appearing healthy and fit helps in completing this journey. Somedays I am amazed and inspired to see very overweight people climbing up steep rocky paths focused on the knowing that their bodies can do this and other days I come across thin fit looking people who have injured themselves so badly they can not continue their journey.

The scholar in me is fascinated by all of this, as I believe that our bodies are one of our greatest guides in knowing when our lives are out of balance or when there is something deeper coming up to be cleared and such a practice as this brings much up to be cleared. Each ache and pain, illness and discomfort is a flashing light saying pay attention to me, look at what is going on in your life. Having nothing else to do than walk and think I have had a great time reflecting on my body and what is coming up for me. At the start of the camino, I asked to clear any blocks and armouring that I was holding on to that were preventing me from loving and accepting myself completely. As I have walked I have come face to face with the self depreciating thoughts of my ego and the pains in my legs have lead me to question where I have issues with love and support in my life. When an answer doesn’t come I simply sit and focus love into the sore parts of my legs and I hold, massage, thank and instruct them how to heal and when this doesnt work I ask my guides and angels to come in and help support me. It has been so powerful and I have moved through much.

One of the most important lessons I have learned so far came to me on one particular day walking into Burgos. While we were travelling past the airport and through the uninspiring industrial zone into town I had the most profound and visceral understanding of how connected we all are and how if I can truly love and heal myself, then I gift this healing and love to all humanity, in fact the whole universe. Theoretically, I knew this but now I can say that I can feel, breathe, sense, smell and see this. I understand how a sick part can make the whole diseased and so can healing a part, heal the whole. I also saw how love is the key to letting go of all the stories, masks, pains and fears that keep me boxed up and so each day now I am working on loving everything that comes before me on the camino.

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