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Marika is a strong-as-a-mountain doula and a wonderful ritualist. Her birth preparation process and labour support were incredible for both me and my partner, and her post partum ritual work was a pivotal point in my entry to motherhood that I will remember forever. Marika has wise and loving hands, is an excellent space holder, and has a true gift for ushering all parts of you through the gateway into motherhood.

Rayann Gordon

Spirit Worker

Working with Marika has brought tremendous insight and transformation to my view on family, ancestral inheritance, trauma, and how these all play a part in my day to day sense of well-being, peace, and sense of self.
Something that has been of considerable struggle for me, is feeling a sense of belonging, connectedness and self-worth.  What has become evident to me is that much of this is rooted in the feeling of disconnect and feelings of resentment  I was carrying  about the part I play within my own family lineage.
I would say that in addition to the course material, what strikes me as being so special and unique to this course in particular, is Marika’s shamanic background. Her combined expertise on epigenetics and trauma married with her shamanic practices and her own deep connection and respect to the earth, are strongly conveyed, easily felt, and clearly communicated in her videos and guided meditations.  Immediate and profound shifts during these online healings are an invaluable part of the experience.
I can easily say that the most valuable take-aways from this course on ancestral trauma, for me, is a new found sense of connection with my ancestors and appreciation for where I come from that I never had before. I feel strength from their encouragement, support, and knowing the stories, secrets, and their own struggles and how far they came just so that I can be here is immensely empowering.
I feel the effects of this as having higher levels of energy, feeling more positive, and  waking up each morning with a deeper sense of purpose and belonging.  The huge and lasting impact on my self -esteem, confidence and the feelings I have of being supported and rooted here on earth only seem to be growing.
I now appreciate and feel the specialness of the part each of us plays in our families and in our communities, and in a broader sense, how we can contribute to positive change while we are here on earth and long after we are gone.
An awareness  of where many of my blocks stem from and how I inherited them, gives me the ability to work through these and the self-empowerment to overcome limits and constraints I adopted from my ancestors. As I locate my own strength and sense of self worth, I am now able to  make peace with areas of struggle and take constructive action to move past them.
Might I add, that I am so grateful to carry the torch of the wisdom, values, generosity, kindnesses, gifts and strengths that are inherited from my lineage and the feeling of celebration and appreciation I have towards each and everyone of my relatives and now for myself is rich, immensely liberating, and up-lifting.
A big motivation in taking this course is that I have a deep desire for a family of my own someday, and soon. To be married to have children is part of my life purpose.  I didn’t always feel equipped to be a good parent or partner, but this course has definitely helped me shift away from feeling that way  into knowing  that I am more than capable, with the ability to change and learn as I go.
As I take responsibility for my healing, I know this will be foundational in the confidence I’ll have to bring my best work as a parent and provider to surface and the awareness of what I am passing on to my children.  These tools to make changes in my life for the highest good of my life’s purpose and calling, and the knowledge that the work that I am doing on myself will have lasting impact on future generations is worth far more than I can convey with words.
Without hesitation, I recommend Marika’s ancestral trauma course, and I can say with confidence, that any work you have the opportunity to do with Marika will be highly beneficial to your growth and well-being.
Tiffiny Chine


I didn’t know it at the time, but Marika was exactly where I needed to start. At the time, I didn’t have the capacity or energy to seek out of other help. 
In pre Covid times, I’d seen Marika for acupuncture and I was craving the environment that she welcomes you into; all the details, personal care, attention and devotion to you during your session. Being that we aren’t in the same city, I decided to try out remote healing. 
Booking sessions with Marika, and registering for her course work in ancestral trauma helped aid in removing many roadblocks I was experiencing. After every session with Marika, I was able to proceed with more fluidity and grace. She always left me with something to work on; journaling, mantras, visualizations etc. 
I’m now sitting more comfortably and with a better understanding and connection to past experiences. Instead of wanting to shut everything out and retreat to darker places, I’m now wanting to explore more. Marika is helping me process my own trauma, my ancestors trauma, as well as post partum. After seeing Marika, I was able to accept more help, both personally and professionally. Without starting with Marika, this wouldn’t have happened as quickly for me. I’m eternally grateful and will keep Marika as an essential part of my toolbox.  
Kate Major

I had my first ever (remote) Shamanic healing with Marika today. It was so cool! It was very relaxing and though I am a fellow healer- a completely new experience for me. During our session I had various visualizations that aligned with what she was seeing, and I experienced things and received information from her that are in total alignment with the way I’ve been feeling lately, and that confirm my thoughts/gut-feelings I’ve had lately. I definitely recommend Marika for helping you to get ‘unstuck’ and move some energetic blocks for you!!❤️🙌🏼

Heather guernsey

Energy Healer, Soul Path Energy Healing

Marika was the perfect introduction to acupuncture for me. She is kind, and nurturing and makes the experience a comfortable and personal one. Her practice significantly decreased anxiety/panic I was experiencing daily and helped with sleeping issues. She is passionate about her work and her clients and I highly recommend Marika and acupuncture to anyone who is experiencing anxiety, depression, headaches or back pain. I look forward to every session!
Sarah Gaffney

I have been seeing Marika regularly for a few months now and can honestly say her treatments have done wonders for me. I get treatments relating to my anxiety as well as physical help for my hands and arms which, due to my line of work have caused me a lot of pain in the past. Marika is thorough, attentive and overall extremely lovely to work with. She creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere in her treatment room and really goes in-depth on what the root and underlying  causes of people’s concerns might be. She hits the perfect balance between being professional and also very easy and lovely to chat to!
Her treatments have and continue to have a life changing affect on both my anxiety and physical pains. I will not go to anyone else and would recommend Marika to anybody!
Florence Jarrett


Marika has been a lifeline for me in one of the most difficult periods of my life. I am an RN that is suffering from work induced PTSD, and duet to my training I was skeptical of alternative healthcare practices. The medical system was failing to support me and my RMT suggested I see Marika, and now I could not be more grateful for her practice. With my first session I had astonishing and immediate physical results, with notable mental relief. On more than one occasion, Marika has been able to take me from a severely anxious/panicked state to feeling calm and grounded. She is incredibly knowledgeable and can explain every step with deep understanding and passion. Marika truly cares for her patients and it shows in every moment of her sessions. She has made an incredible difference in my life.

Britany Bexson

NICU Nurse


From the moment you meet her until the close of your session, Marika offers a strong and gentle presence that radiates safety, harmony, and nourishment. She grounds you in guided meditation before she begins working within the sacred, placing the needles softly in your body. Working in tandem with the medicine of the needles, Marika calls forth other shamanic medicine tools such as feathers, tobacco, spirit songs and more to guide you on an incredibly supportive and healing journey for your mind, body and soul. Not only will you be receiving the physical benefit of the acupuncture itself, you will also be held mentally and emotionally in the sacred container that she provides. My partner and I are fortunate enough to be working with Marika as a birth doula and I can’t recommend her services enough! 


Kali Moon

Yoga teacher, Tea Ceremony facilitator, The Medicine Nest

When Life gets crazy and stress starts to creep into every corner of my life I know all is well – Marika is only a phone call away. I can create my own Sacred Space in Alberta and connect with Marika by phone from her Sacred Space in Victoria and together we can travel the Shamanic dimensions.

I always come away more peaceful, grounded, connected, aware and most of all Grateful. Grateful for her knowledge, service and dedication on the Healing Path. Grateful for the opportunity to explore the vast potential of blessings and healing awareness as we come together from the level of Spirit, Ceremony and Song.

Phyllis Fisher

Sacred Essence Alchemist

Having a shamanic healing with Marika is not only a delight but also a sacred experience. She embodies presence, integrity and a high level of spirit and earth wisdom, creating a deeply transformative space for me each and every time. I leave feeling more grounded in my body and connected to my spirit, increasing my clarity and amplifying my passion in how the next steps of my life will unfold. I highly recommend working with this earth angel of light, laughter and love.

Jenn Kosh

Holistic Life Coach and Love Map Astrologer, Love Matters

“Marika’s healings are conducted with compassion, understanding, and sensitivity. Her extensive knowledge of shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as her keen insight into women’s issues make her an important and smart healing aide. I would recommend her to anyone.”



“Marika lives and breathes her practice. Her ceremonies embody her vision of our world – a place where love, insight and truth become experience. She brings her kind heart and warm nature to every interaction. The ceremonies Marika performs are rich with depth and introspection. Shared events foster community and kinship; social aspects that many of our lives are in dire need of. For an encounter as personal as individualized healing, I trust Marika implicitly.”

Jordan Wald


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