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A dear friend of mine, Jenn Kosh who is a practitioner with the Way of the Heart, held a gathering of soulful and inspired people a few weeks ago on the Spring Equinox. As you might recall this was a powerful day that held a solar eclipse and new moon within hrs of the equinox. Jenn lead us through a wonderful exercise where we came up with our own personal super hero that had the super power that we wanted to create a better world. Along with this we also had to think of our nemesis (what prevents us from stepping into our power) and what is the antidote to our nemesis.

My super hero is the Divine Light Dancer, whose super power is to use the light of spirit to reveal the truth in the darkness and help others remember their true essence, that of spirit. Naturally, dancing allows me to power up and connect more deeply with the light of spirit. My nemeses are Mr. Doubt, The Judger and Mrs, know it all, these are the things that get me stuck. When my false personality fights back against my connecting with spirit and tries to gain control once again. The antidotes to these nemeses for me are Self love, divine truth and humility.

Here is a picture of the Divine Light Dancer in all her glory!

Divine Light Dancer

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