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A six week journey to discovering where you come from, the medicine you carry in your bones and the ways to honour and heal your lineage.



Your Ancestors passed down much to you, strength and resilience, fear and pain, love and joy, depression and trauma. 

If you have felt out of sorts for too long or are experiencing unexplained dis-ease of the body, mind or spirit you are not alone!

Learning about your unique inheritance of trauma will allow you to find deeper understanding, acceptance and healing for yourself, your ancestors and future generations. 

Most of the trauma that we are currently dealing with, as individuals and collectively, has strong roots in our early life, or in past lives that we may have no conscious awareness. The idea that a person’s life can be affected by what their ancestors went through has been known since humanity begin but we are now at a time where we can remember this wisdom and work with this healing.

Ancestral Trauma generally refers to the ways in which trauma experienced in one generation affects the health and well-being of descendants of future generationsAncestral trauma roots are diverse and could range from war, infidelity, mental anxiety, immigration, just to name a few.

This pain may have been passed down, along with coping mechanisms and alterations to your very DNA.

If you have experienced unexplained pain, fear, disease, worry, anxiety or depression finding out about ancestral trauma will shine a light on what is going on and allow for you to choose your own story and life path.

How can transforming Ancestral trauma help you?


  • You will feel freer, clearer and more grounded
  • You will be more connected to your ancestors and their stories
  • You will feel more prepared to step into conscious conception
  • You will have more capacity as a child and parent to actively heal family patterns
  • You will have resources to work with anything that comes up as you continue to work with your ancestors
  • You will find acceptance and understanding for what you have inherited and tools to transform this inheritance



There are many different patterns at birth, which, if left unhealed become our normal, divergent behavior.

Most people are not aware of this possibility and believe these patterns simply to be a part of their nature. It is only through understanding, acceptance and transformation that we can live out who we really are.

It is my deep privilege to walk you through this information I have gathered for my own healing and the healing of my clients, family and the world. 



The Transforming Ancestral Trauma program is a cohesive 6 week course that teaches individuals dealing with ancestral trauma or other inherited patterns to identify the stories and beliefs that they carry, creating acceptance and ultimately transformation.

The course is designed to equip you with the tools needed to transform, heal, and reclaim the pieces of your ancestry that serve you and shed those that don’t.


  • Those experiencing Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues
  • Those experiencing Trauma and/or fear
  • Those with unexplained or Inherited disease
  • Those with Unhealthy family dynamics
  • Those who worry about passing stuff on to their kids
  • Those who wish to grow and evolve

Next Round: Autumn 2023

Full Price $444/Canadian

Two payment plans available

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Your Ancestors Are Waiting

Healing yourself, your family and the World

In this course you will

  • Connect with your Ancestors
  • Discover how to work with the medicine they offer
  • Learn how to heal the trauma and limiting patterns you have inherited.
  • Track your ancestors and discover their stories

Course Curriculum

Opening Ritual On The Autumn Equinox

  • To welcome everyone and open our container we will call on our Ancestors, Guides and Great Sprit to begin connecting with them and ask for their support on this Journey.

What is Ancestral Trauma and how does it affect us?

  • Video lesson on preparing to work with the ancestors, what you may experience, tools to manage what might come up and deepen your journey
  • Workbook that sets the motion for accountability and preparing yourself for transformational healing
  • self-care checklist- to remind you of the support and tools you have when things get tough
  • How to build an ancestor altar to support your journey and connection.
  • Somatic Exercises to help regulate your nervous system throughout this work


 How is Ancestral Trauma Passed down?

  • Video lesson including expert views, opinions, and perspectives from Chinese medicine, shamanism, epigenetics and homeopathy. Learning all these concepts is key to understanding how ancestral trauma is passed down
  • Workbook to dive into what your preconceived notions of inheritance are and which of these systems resonates most with you and which may challenge your beliefs.
  • Guided Meditation to help you ground and connect with yourself, the Earth and Great Spirit.


 Connecting with your Ancestral Medicine

  • Video lesson on ways to connect deeper with your ancestral medicine
  • Workbook to explore the ways you are connecting and what comes up for you
  • Guided visualization to meet with a helping ancestor
  • Drum journey to meet with your ancestors


How to Identify Ancestral Trauma?

  • Video lesson on ways to identify ancestral trauma
  • Workbook to explore what you discover in your journey of connecting to your ancestors
  • Special meditation to release and restore


Healing Ancestral Trauma

  • Video lesson on ways to release and heal ancestral trauma for yourself and your lineage
  • Workbook to help identify what works for you and remember what your ancestors taught you
  • Several exercises to clear the trauma from your ancestral line


Rituals to Heal your Ancestral Line

  • Video lesson on the importance of ritual work and how to create your own rituals
  • Written handout on how to create your own rituals
  • Detailed instructions on several powerful rituals to work with


 Closing Ceremony On Samhain

  • Closing ceremony to honour our ancestors on Samhain and offer our gratitude for all the healing that has been done

What is included in the course?

Video Lesson

Each week you will receive a new video lesson where you will learn about the topic and ways to work with it. Full transcripts included.

Self-Reflection Workbook

With each lesson a workbook is included to help you uncover the personal lessons, beliefs and information you need to heal and move forward.

Meditations & Drum Journeys

With each lesson you will get a meditation or a live drum journey to connect more deeply with your ancestors and the medicine they offer.

Exercises to heal trauma

You will learn several different exercises and practices to work with and heal the trauma that you are carrying from your ancestors.

Weekly Lives

Every week we will gather for a live session along us to deepen into the work, sharing our experiences and asking any questions.

learn how to track your lineage

Private Facebook Group

We will have a private facebook group for you all to share what is coming up for you and ask any questions between our lives.

Connect with your Ancestral Medicine

First 10 people get a one on one healing


1:1 Healing ($150 value)

For the first 10 people to sign up to the course, you will get the chance to dive deeper into this work with a one-on-one shamanic healing with Marika Hall. This healing will allow you to further break through the patterns and barriers you may be experiencing in clearing your Ancestral trauma. As well as getting insights into the specific medicine of your ancestors.

What participants are saying:

“Marika’s “Transforming Ancestral Trauma” course was a gift. Even before I went into the first live session, I was drawn to the course content and had wanted to establish a deeper connection to my ancestors. Right away I felt as if I was being gently ushered into a loving field for six weeks along with her expert guidance. Marika is a kind soul who happens to be an excellent teacher. I loved the live sessions, the visualizations, the drumming journeys and hearing other particpants’ incredible takeaways. I also enjoyed watching her pre-recorded videos and reading the PDFs and other materials which were perfectly digestible. I loved this course and will take it again. Thank you, Marika.”

Jenn Kosh

Love Matters

“Marika is a gift. I needed her gifts as a facilitator and teacher to help me to connect with my ancestors the right way. Her tools aided me spiritually, emotionally and physically. She prepared me for the plethora of experiences that she knew I’d be going through and I am actually having a real journey. It doesn’t end. My ancestors want the best for me in this life. They want me to be happy and they want me to get the most out of this life. They want to pour their blessings on me as long as I will receive it. I had no idea that receiving would take work. The ability to be able to heal your ancestors as a part of this work is the most touching experience. To know that we can actually do that for them after they are gone from the physical realm is just extraordinary. I look forward to continuing giving them this peace as gratitude for all that they do for me. They protect me. They love me. And so I can heal, comfort and thank them any way I can❤️”

Niketta Scott

Actress, Singer, Tarot Reader

“I have been digging into my roots and ancestral lines my whole life, but this course helped immensely in creating a practice of continuous connection to my ancestors. I have felt uprooted by many global and personal events in 2020, and working with my ancestors offered a medicine that is so unique and needed!

Marika showed up fully in her authenticity as an instructor and held space for all of the participants to do the same! I really enjoyed the course material and her open curious approach to this hard work!

Thank you marika for this beautiful offering!”

Ozge Stephen R Ac



When will the course begin and end?

  • The course runs once a year from the Autumn Equinox Sept 22 to Samhain Oct 31. A most auspicious time to connect with your ancestors and the spirit realms.

How Long is the course?

  • The course is mapped out over six weeks but you can take as much time as you need with it. You will have access for the lifetime of the course.

What if I can’t make the live components?

  • All live components will be recorded and delivered to you later that day so you can participate. The energy field of these rituals, healings and drum journeys will incorporate all the people who we are with on the course and their ancestors.

How long will I have access to the course?

  • You will have access to it for the lifetime of the course. At least 12 months.

What if I am struggling with the course?

  • Tools are provided throughout the course to help you navigate any challenges that might come up. There is also a group board for each lesson to share and the group healing and rituals to help support you. Working with a friend or family member as you do the course can also be helpful.

Are there any scholarships for the course?

  • Yes, I will be offering a select number of scholarships to the course for low income and vulnerable individuals who wish to do this work. If this is you please email me directly for an application. marikarhall@icloud.com

If Not Now when?

Your Ancestors are speaking to you everyday

Why learn from me?

Marika Reid Hall RAc, HDP, BA

I am a Mama, Acupuncturist, Shamanic Practitioner, Holistic Doula and Ceremony Creatrix who is dedicated to helping people return to self through finding connection with their bodies, spirit and the rhythms of nature. I have been fascinated by the herstory of my ancestors and how their lives, traumas, beliefs and stories have shaped my life; from my genetics to my own beliefs. Through my work as a Doula, Shamanic Practitioner and Acupuncturist, I have seen how the imprinting of patterns from the ancestors can affect our lives and how these can be understood and cleared to create more acceptance, freedom and joy.


Next Round: Autumn 2023

Full Price $444/Canadian

Two payment plans available

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Time to connect with your ancestors








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