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soulful Birth Preparation

One must still have chaos in oneself

to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche~

Do you stand poised at the brink of birth not quite sure if you are ready?

Are you looking to be as fully present and intentional as possible with your birth?

Do you wish to connect with the wisdom and power of your ancestors who have birthed before you?

If you answered yes to any of these then the Ultimate birth Prep Package may be right for you.

I designed this after having my own child and seeking out all the best ways for me to tap into my body, connect with my baby and intentionally create the transformative birth experience I wanted to heal myself and my lineage and bring my child into the world.

Combining the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Ancestoral healing, Western Anatomy and Physiology and my years of working with birthing women, The Ultimate Birth Prep Package will help you tap into your deepest knowing, prepare your body, mind and spirit to bring your baby into the world and do the healing work that is needed for a successful birth and crossing of the threshold into motherhood.

Ultimate Birth Prep Package

What do you get in a session?

  • A chance to speak and be heard on your pregnancy journey
  • A full Energetic and Chinese Medicine assessment
  • A Shamanic healing combined with Acupuncture to prepare the body, calm the mind, and heal any energetic or ancestoral patterns that are blocking a successful birth and transformation to motherhood
  • Recommendations on birth techniques, meditations and other exercises for birth
  • handouts on birth prep exercises and supplements, acupressure, post-birth healing, and breastfeeding

What can be treated in a session?

  • mental and emotional imbalance: anxiety, fear, depression, grief, worry, stress
  • imbalances in the body: digestive, respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular, nervous system, pain, reproductive
  • Trauma: recent, past, ancestoral and past life


  • Each session is one hr, once a week from 36 weeks
  • Any left over sessions can be used after birth for healing and processing

1 session- $120                                                 4 Sessions- $400

Ultimate Birth Prep Package

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