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I help people transform pain, trauma and dis-ease so that they can remember who they are

Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing in Fairfield,BC

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Lessons from the Dark

It has been a while since I have written I have been enjoying a much needed break from all the extras in life. After the wild ride 2020 has offered us up, I have been spending time with my family, friends and clients and in quiet contemplation and reflection as i...
Honouring the Ancestors and Releasing the Baggage

Honouring the Ancestors and Releasing the Baggage

My favourite of the cross quarter festival is upon us. The last of the harvest festivals as nature prepares for her long slumber through the winter. It is a time of magic, mystery, ancestors and spirits. In many cultures this time of year was a time to honour our dead...
How to Support yourself through the autumn

How to Support yourself through the autumn

I absolutely love the Autumn, perhaps it is my Northern heritage or the return to school after spending 24 years of my life in school, but when the sun's intensity diminishes and the leaves begin to change and I feel that urge to pull out my sweater and scarves my...
Marika Reid Hall

Hi there


I am an Acupuncturist and Holistic Doula Practitioner taking both of my trainings at Pacific Rim College and a Shamanic Practitioner through The Power Path School of Shamanism.

I am passionate about and dedicated to exploring the inner and outer worlds through birth, story, movement, shamanism, creating the sacred, astrology, travelling the world and learning and sharing with everyone and everything I meet. I wish to be apart of writing a new story for humanity and our relationships with ourselves, our bodies, our babies, each other, mother earth and the great unknown.

I provide a grounded and peaceful space to facilitate greater connection with spirit, allowing for acceptance and healing and I look forward to working with you.

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