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Remember who you are

Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing in Fairfield,BC

I help people weave the challenges of life into the rich tapestry of who they are!

It is my deep belief that we are here to grow and evolve through our soul’s plan. This can lead to a life that sometimes is beautiful, easy and joyous and at other times deeply challenging, painful and traumatic. But it is in these moments of challenge that we grow the most. When we are shaken to our core, we have the opportunity to shake loose all that we thought we were and connect most deeply to our true nature.

Whether you have experienced some trauma, pain, disabling feelings or symptoms,

have not been able to manifest that sweet babe you’ve longed to hold,

or are struggling with the exhaustion, emotions and triggers of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I am here to support you in finding the medicine of this moment and connect you to your deepest truth.

Through the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healing and astrology along with modern awareness of the body, the nervous system and the quantum field, we will work together to unearth the gold of your experience and help you become whole again.

Acupuncture and Shamanic

Healing in Fairfield,BC

Explore ways to heal:

Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing in Fairfield,BC
Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing in Fairfield,BC
Shamanic Medicine

Gather the medicine

of who you are

Spring Equinox, Finding Balance and Supporting the Liver

We find ourselves once again at the turning of the wheel, where light balances dark and we are called to see what it in and out of balance in our lives. The equinoxes are my favourite times of year, heralding a great change from yin to yang and yang to yin. Those of...

Lessons from the Dark

It has been a while since I have written I have been enjoying a much needed break from all the extras in life. After the wild ride 2020 has offered us up, I have been spending time with my family, friends and clients and in quiet contemplation and reflection as i...
Honouring the Ancestors and Releasing the Baggage

Honouring the Ancestors and Releasing the Baggage

My favourite of the cross quarter festival is upon us. The last of the harvest festivals as nature prepares for her long slumber through the winter. It is a time of magic, mystery, ancestors and spirits. In many cultures this time of year was a time to honour our dead...
Marika Reid Hall


My name is Marika Reid Hall. I am a mama, Acupuncturist, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Holistic Doula, Ritual Creatrix, to name a few.

I am passionate about finding the Sacred in the mundane, beauty in the mess, power in trauma, and the magic of everyday life. I love learning and sharing wisdom and stories about initiations, ancestry, pregnancy, birth, parenthood, different cultural ways, astrology, shamanism and Chinese Medicine. I wish to be apart of writing a new story for humanity and our relationships with ourselves, our bodies, our babies, each other, mother earth and the great unknown.

I provide a grounded and peaceful space to facilitate greater connection with spirit, allowing for acceptance and healing and I look forward to working with you.

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I acknowledge and am grateful to the WSÁNEĆ (Saanich), Lkwungen (Songhees) and Wyomilth (Esquimalt) peoples, the traditional keepers of this land who remain here as the original and rightful stewards, for allowing me to work, play and reside on their traditional and unceded territory.

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